Healthy Diet Resources:
The Ultimate List

Finding healthy diet resources can be overwhelming.

If you're doing an internet search on what makes a healthy diet and how you can be building a healthy lifestyle, it doesn't take very long before you go down a huge rabbit hole of information and diet programs that can mislead as often as they help.  

My wife and I have been down that road and its not fun.

In an effort to ease the difficulty of such a huge task as finding reliable and consistent information on healthy living, I've compiled this list of print and digital media, and health products that I have personally used and have found to be incredibly helpful to me.  Hope you find them useful as well!

NOTE: Some links on this page are affiliate links.  Products linked to in this way are only products I have personally tried and found to be worth the time and money, which is why I share them with you.

If you make purchases through these links, I earn a small amount of money that helps keep this site up and running.  Thank you!

Blogs and Websites  This site showcases Dr. Lindsey Duncan's line of professional grade superfoods and supplements and they are impressive.  Genesis Pure is very transparent and posts the nutritional information for all their products, comparisons to competing products where applicable.  

One downside is if you're interested in purchasing their products you have to go through a distributor.  

The upside to that is that such distribution allows you to get the products at wholesale, rather than retail price.  As a big fan of the products, I am distributor, so if you're interested in more information use the 'Contact Us' form and let me know!  Homepage of Genesis Pure and Genesis Today product formulator Dr. Lindsey Duncan.  Dr. Lindsey is one of America's most noted nutritionists having made several appearances on prime time television shows like Dr. Oz and The View.  

Having spoken with Dr. Lindsey personally and used several of his products, I can attest to the fact that this man knows a lot, is passionate about what he does and is committed to creating the very best in health food products (we list a few of them later on in this list.  Definitely bookmark this site.  Rated by Forbes as one of the top health sites on the Internet, diet-blog is one of my favorite healthy diet resources.  It provides excellent information on health in general and does really good reviews of emerging fad diets.  

The reviews are well researched and pretty fair and objective.  I don't always agree with everything that's put up, but it is a great place to learn a lot and engage in discussions on health, fitness and diet.  If you've read the fitness section of this site, you know that I'm a fan of aerobic fitness and running in particular.  If you're trying to get into shape and lose weight using this most basic and effective of fitness methods this site is a monstrous resource for training, equipment and dietary needs.  It even has a section of the site dedicated to beginners so you don't get too overwhelmed.  Just came on my radar a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving the stuff this site puts out!  

Similar to this site, Fitness Republic takes a holistic approach to health seeking to educate readers in diet, fitness and body function.  I've sources a few of their articles on Twitter and have found them to be generally pretty good.  A newer blog in the health and fitness category that focuses on helping teach kids how to make healthy choices.  Its very readable and helpful given the shorter length of the blog posts and has fun activities and recipes on it that can be a use to the whole family!


The Stupid Diet, Dr. Dino Prato.

I've cited this handy little book numerous times on other pages of this site.  Its succinct, readable and actionable.

You can read this book and start making the changes necessary to building a healthy diet very quickly.  

Dr. Prato has had tremendous success with patients suffering from a variety of health conditions by utilizing a lot of the strategies found in this book.

The Doctors Book of Food Remedies, Selene Yeager.

This book is a great resource as a primer on all kinds of healthy foods.  It not only gives you a description of healthy foods, but also provides recipes and studies illustrating the health benefits of each food discussed.

If you have a known health condition you need to address, this book can really help you make specific food choices targeting that health issue so you're not delaying starting a new diet plan while you wait to find just the right one.


Running Times

As a cross country coach, I have found a lot of good information in this magazine on training, injury treatment and prevention and mindset.

While the magazine talks a lot about competitive running, the reader still benefits tremendously from it in terms of learning how to self-coach and plan workouts so you're actually running with purpose.

Films For Food Education

Food Fight

Superb documentary on the organic and locally grown food movement.  

Tells inspiring stories about what ordinary people are doing to make this place a healthier world.

Also does a great job in outlining current problems in the modern American food supply system and hints at the real cost of cheap food (e.g. rising health problems and health care costs).

Food Inc.

Takes more of a political view of the food crisis in America.

If Food Fight raises the question of "why don't more people eat natural foods?" Food Inc. answer that question pretty succinctly.  

I won't give it all away, but suffice to say that this film is equal parts informative, thought provoking and maddening.


Genesis Today

I've recommended the Genessential Greens as part of healthy diet shakes, but Genesis Today also makes a lot of other superfood-based juices and products that can be bought retail. 

Also formulated by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, these are excellent products though not as potent in their nutrient density as Genesis Pure products.

But you can buy these products retail.

In addition to Greens, Genesis Today also has several weight loss products such Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia Cambogia though I can't speak to their quality as I have not tried them.  

Bob's Red Mill

An awesome locally-based, organic, sustainable, worker-owned organization.  If you're looking for high quality grains and baking goods look no further!

I've used several of Bob's products over the years and have found them to be very affordable given their high quality.

I only show a link to their chia seeds here, but if you visit my Amazon Store, I'll have more of these excellent products up there!

Navitas Naturals

I use Navitas' cacao nibs and maca powder as potent fiber and antioxidant additions to my yogurt and fruit mix in the morning.  

The combo adds a crunch, bitter, dark chocolaty taste that complements the tart yogurt and sweet fruit.  

Great breakfast dish, great health benefits.

Navitas products are organic and non-GMO.  Very High quality.

Genesis Pure

As stated above, you can't purchase these excellent products through good ol' Amazon, but you do get savings on the back end as a result.

I'm including these products here because they are simply the best superfood/supplemental products I've used.  Period. 

I've tried 9 of their many products as of this writing and plan to do more.  

In each case, I have experienced increased energy and a greater sense of wellness.

Clicking on the image at left takes you to the Genesis Pure product page so that you can see the variety of food products they offer.


Calphalon XL9 Blender

Very sturdy blender for handling some moderately heave blending loads.

Its 600 W motor breaks through the tough fibers of fruits and vegetables with quite a bit of ease.

My wife makes green smoothies every day and packs the glass container pretty tightly, but the blender is more than up to the job.

Good value for the money.

Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender

The Ninja line of blenders were marketed as having a revolutionary blade design that blended quickly and efficiently.

This is certainly true, and there's a lot of power coming from this sucker's 1000 W motor.

The only reason my wife and I did not continue using Ninja is that we found the blender's blade design did not blend as finely as my wife required due to some digestive health issues.

Nothing wrong with this product, it's great, and the different sets Ninja offers makes it a very complete food processing system.

Lives up to its billing, just wasn't for us at the time.

KitchenAid Coffee Grinder

This handy-dandy coffee grinder has not ground a single coffee bean in the year that we have owned it.

Instead, it effectively grinds flax seeds and cacao nibs to go in morning smoothies and other dishes.

If you're thinking of using seeds and other such foods to add to smoothies, yogurt, or other dishes this is a great tool to have.

Buying pre-ground seeds and nuts is purchasing food that is already losing its nutritional value.  Grinding the foods up just before consumption is the best (and buying the whole seeds is cheaper too).

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